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Yes, I am on a roll here. lol

Another point, National healthcare, ie Government controlled healthcare, also means that the Government has a hand in deciding who qualifies for what type of healthcare and when.

For instance, In the US 93% of people who are diagnosed with diabetes see a doctor for it within 6 months whether they have insurance or not. In the UK, 43-46% see a doctor withing 6 months. That is 6 months worth of damage to your body.

And take something like a hip replacement. In the UK a 30 year old will get in to surgery before a 80 year old meemaw. The government don't usually take in to account things like - does that 80 year old live alone? Does she have someone to help take care of her? Cook for her? shop for her? A 30 year old can survive and get by much better than an 80 year old (usually).
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