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Originally Posted by Neezar

Thank you!
What your Government says about stuff outside of your Jurisdiction is illegal in terms of International Law.

It was illegal for the Germans in World War Two, it is Illegal for your Congress now.

You have, by law, NO Power outside of your own you not understand? You have NO rights outside of your own land. Your Government ONLY Rules The United has NO authority anywhere else (except you could argue in an embassy or Military Base placed in another country, at that Countries PERMISSION, or after a conflict condemned by the INTERNATIONAL community.

...And you said that America wasnt about superiority. Understand Denise, your Consitution ONLY governs does NOT govern the rest of the World. So what Your Constitution says about your Governments abilities outside itself is Irrelevant to the International Community, who only see its Authority WITHIN your boarders.

If you dont like the answer...dont ask the question.

I have a question for you though. Can Congress sign off on a War without the consent of the President? I mean, would that be legal under the Constitution??? Because thats what the artical implies. Congress it says...not President...Congress.
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