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Originally Posted by NateR

There's just so much stupidity in your post that I can't even begin to reply. If you really think that Iraq was a useless war, then you are hopelessly brainwashed by the liberal media and there is no hope for you.
Honestly, how can you say Obama's actions are going to get a lot of American's killed ... How many American's were killed under Bush the Elders regime with the first Gulf war? How many people were killed under Clinton's regime? I mean, his "intelligence" knew about plans about the WTC attacks, okay, so it may have been impossible to stop those (i know they happened when Bush the younger was pres) but they knew that there were plans for the enemy to use planes and still security was lax ... and then there were american's that died under Dubya ... but you only seem to be concerned with people that are going to be killed under Barack's presidency .. that is the reason for the rant ...
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