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Originally Posted by Bonnie
It was brought up on Greta tonight that David Letterman "knocked-up" his then girlfriend and didn't marry her (his son's mother) until just recently, I believe, they said five years after the fact. They were just trying to show the "hipocracy" of Letterman using Palin's unwed daughter having a baby as a joke/punchline.

You'd think her daughter was the only young woman to ever get pregnant out of wedlock the way they've carried on. Some people are saying Sarah Palin is a hipocrite because of her stand on abstinence when her own daughter got pregnant. I'll I can say, is "get real"! You can be the best parent on earth and your kid can still take a wrong turn.

These people better watch out for the ricochet that's coming their way.

Even the ladies on THE VIEW knew what Letterman said was wrong. Well, except for Joy Behar, she is just a die-hard liberal and will NEVER agree with anything that could possibly empower the right wing in ANY way. Besides, Letterman's joke was NOT EVEN FUNNY. Not only was it out of line, and offensive, I just did not see the connection between A-Rod and Palin's daughter. He is old and meaningless, he can go away any time now, TYVM.
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