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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
I agree completely, and I have a feeling that MOST of this forum will too.

I guess I was just so taken-a-back by his response, which is personalized because it was directly to me, that I felt the need to talk about it. I seriously wish I could take some sort of action to get Boers name out there and tell people what a piece of crap he is, but another part of me feels like it's pointless.

Maybe if I wrote Bill O'Reilly a letter about it, he would look into it and comment on it. I know he has MUCH bigger fish to fry, but that is also kinda what he does. Ya know, exposing people in the media who are out of line. Then at the same time, I don't want to give this guy the satisfaction. I don't know, I guess in a way I consider myself somewhat of a cynic, similar to Boers, but I also know the difference between right and wrong, and that is what has me so steamed.
I agree too!!! What happened to Sarah Palin during the elections and is still happening to her and her family, I think, is beyond the pale of any acceptable "political" digs. From the get-go, she had a target on her back not only from men but from women too. I thought families were off limits especially children, but I guess if you're a woman running for a high office, all bets are off and anything goes.

I don't know what David Letterman or anybody else thinks is funny about that "joke" he told no matter how old her child is. As for that pansy ass "jounalist", he should be exposed. You ought to get in touch with Greta Van Susteren, JB. She's been talking about this the last few nights on her show. I don't know if you watch her, but she's one of the few people I can still watch who actually tries to be professional and fair (from what I've seen). Greta asked tonight, "Where are all the feminists? Why are none of them coming to Palin's defense or speaking out like they did when Imus screwed up with his comments of the ladies' basketball team?" I guess they're still in the same place they were when this was happening during the elections. No one was allowed to say anything about Michelle Obama or her kids then or now. I saw/see nothing comparable to what's been going on with Palin.

And for the guys out there who think like that old geezer on the radio that Palin's daughter or any girl or woman who lays down with a guy w/o the benefit of marriage (whether she gets "knocked-up" or not) is a whore, just remember she's not lying there alone. So, as far as I'm concerned, if she's a whore, so is he!
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