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Originally Posted by logrus
During the presidential race a lot of the forum said it was ok to personally attack their wives, relatives, and friends and many said that they were fair game. Personally I don't see the difference between them and a 18 year old and if one was fair game then so should the other.

Anyways I thought the Dave joke was tasteless in the fact that it was directed at a very young lady and a young mother who did the right thing after doing the wrong thing. Who really wants nothing to do with the spot light not like celebs and what not.
C'mon bro..Really?

I know the forum has changed since then, and you can't dig it up, but can you actually give a specific memory of something to this degree happening on this forum? Also, should it matter if they are 18 or 14, considering the guy doing the dirty talk is an old man?

I'm game.
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