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Good article; definitely makes you think about yourself, your kids and society as a whole and what we're doing to ourselves. I've definitely given thought to self-esteem and/or self-worth especially looking back as a child with our home life and coming up through school and now as an adult in adult relationships with my mom, sisters, people I've worked with or come into contact with in different situations.

I think in a nutshell "pursuit of holiness" says it all. For in the pursuit of holiness, I believe we would find "happiness" and contentment within ourselves. Obviously, I see in myself, that I've wasted too much time worrying (something I've consciously tried to eliminate from my life these past several years) about what others thought of me or the "standard" the few in our society have set as what we should strive to be in order to be "accepted".

I guess if God thinks I'm worthy, I definitely shouldn't question my self-worth.

Thanks, Nathan!
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