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Default My brother is training with Antwain Britt

Soooo, last Saturday, I got this feeling about how MMA would be a great influence on my little brother's life. He's 21, about to start his senior year of college, and has been burned by two bad relationships with girls this year. One was his girl for 3 years, and one was his girl for 3 weeks. They both messed him up pretty bad and he's been feeling low and bored for sometime now.

BUT, as I told Mr. Hughes himself in Vegas a few weeks ago, my brother gets excited every time he sees the TUF reruns or fight specials on Spike almost every night. In fact, last week, he called me up and relayed to me the entire Anderson Silva and Rick Franklin fight, even though I've seen it myself a few times, I couldn't get enough of how excited he was. Then he watched a few Matt Hughes fights and thought he was nifty.

So he's got a new hero, why not help a brother out?

He lives down in Virginia Beach, where he goes to college, so I contacted Hybrid, a sister gym and affiliate of my own MMAI ( or, and talked to Buck, the owner of Hybrid.

Buck said he would love to have Nate come in and see what it was about.

I was sort of nervous as to how my brother would react to being yelled at outside his squad in the Army ROTC program, and how he would react when he woke up completely sore from drills and sparring. So I told him to start in beginners Muay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling, BJJ, and Crossfit.

I got a text on Tuesday night saying "KIM YOU ROCK, I LOVE THIS"

Last night he claimed that MMA is his new 'girlfriend'

And today I got a text that said "I'm starting a class now with Antwain Britt and he is cool". I've heard around our gyms that Antwain is a pretty nice dude. I'm just happy that my brother has finally found something to be passionate about, because I know once he found it, he would put 100% effort. I'm not sure if he'll ever be a fighter, but it's cool to do something you love anyway.

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