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Originally Posted by Crisco
To be fair is doesn't stipulate who's God lol.

I am a born again Christian and

I do not believe America is a Christian nation.

It is a nation of free religious practice and a freedom to pursue that which makes us happy.

This is my belief and regardless of the beliefs that the founding fathers may or may not have held the writing is on the wall and in the books. Jesus Christ is not mentioned in any of our legal documents that I am aware of... I'm inclined to feel the the founding of the nation may have been based upon Christian morals but that does not make it a Christian nation in legal sense.

Just my opinion.
Actually, when being sworn into office, the governors of the early states were required to swear allegiance to Jesus Christ as the only, true Savior and Son of GOD. It was pretty much understood back then that "God" was a reference to the Judeo-Christian GOD. I'll have to find those statements.
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