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Default UFC 99 Predictions

Here we go! I'm going to put my thoughts out there. Lets see what everyone thinks. I think this is a great card and am looking very forward to it.

UFC 99 Predictions

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Mostapha Al Turk

I see this as being a one sided fight in favor of Cro Cop. After losing his past two fights in the UFC, I think Cro Cop wants to prove to everyone that he belongs and can hang with the heavyweights in the UFC. Not sure if he will have ring rust since he hasnít fought in a couple of years.

Winner : Cro Cop (TKO) Round 1

Spencer Fisher vs. Caol Uno

Caol Uno is making his return to the UFC with a very tough opponent in Fisher. Fisher has won his last two fights and if he could beat Uno this would probably put him at the number one contender spot. Fisher has great stand up skills, but Iím sure Uno and his camp knows that. This can be a very interesting if Uno can take Fisher to the ground where Uno is exceptional. Uno has fought some of the best in the world and has a ton of experience.

Winner : Caol Uno (Submission) Round 2

Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy

Not much to say here except, I cannot wait for this fight. Two guys who want to go out there and kill each other. Davis has a boxing background and KO power, but so does Hardy. Hardy also has a slight reach advantage and the advantage on the ground. (I donít see it going to the ground though.) There is bad blood and someone is getting KOíd.

Winner : Hardy (KO) Round 1

Mike Swick vs Ben Saunders

This is the most interesting fight on the card in my opinion. Both are aggressive and very good strikers. Saunders has the reach and height advantage. Swick has more experience in the octagon and against more experienced fighters. I like Saunders Thai clinch and aggression. He has excellent knees and is versed in Jiu-Jitsu. Whoever wins this fight getís catapulted in the rankings.

Winner : Saunders (Decision)

Cheick Kongo vs Cain Velasquez

This could be fight of the night. You have the up and comer Velasquez taking on the very experienced Kongo. While Velasquez has been very impressive in his three UFC fights, he has a very tough opponent in Kongo. Kongo has won his last three fights by TKO. If Velasquez could pull of the win it would really put his name up in the division.

Winner : Kongo (Decision)

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva

Silva has stated ďEither Iím knocking him out or his knocking me out.Ē I agree with his statement. Some people have been questioning the chin of Silva, but I have not doubt itís still strong. Franklin is an excellent striker and if he uses his reach and keeps distance on Silva, he could be in for a long night. If Silva can work the clinch and take the fight to the ground, things could get interesting. Both of these fighters are in excellent shape and are great competitors. This is the fight that changes someoneís life, as they make a ďcomebackĒ.

Winner : Silva (TKO) Round 2

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