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Yea he was saying he was in the fight for falluja and stuff. Pretty gnarly. I told em army stand for Aint Ready to be a Marine Yet

I actually started my paperwork to go Explosive Ordnance Disposal today.... so hopefully my work life gets alot more exciting soon, vise sitting on my butt in a cage on a computer....

heres the news story with me and him.... thats not me wearing the black belt getting slammed in the beginning.. im the goofy kid talking about them being all talk... and the one getting the 'hiptoss heard round the world' as it being referred to as...

(edit: sorry, the link didnt go through the first time..... and for the record, i weaseled out of the choke he had me in where he used my own arm... and the arm at the end covered in ink... is mine. lol)

Heres a pic of me and joe too...

Is there a way to post vids in threads?

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