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Semi-Final time, and never before has Dana White worried about getting one of each team into the final, but he's often suggested team mate verses team mate. This time he used the former to verify the latter, and then come fight announcement, changed his mind.

So Camron Dollar didnt get what he wanted, and niether did James and Damarques who wanted to fight each other and "hurt" each others "feelings" yeah...thats macho Johnson hahaha.

Nick wanted to get information on Damarques, so he went and primed Faulkner to chat with Jason Pierce, who, we are led to believe told him all about Damarques in training. Certainly Nick knew a few things about Johnson that he shouldnt have known, and Ritchie Whitton thought he heard the Britons talking about it. When Confronted by Dan Henderson after training, Jason denies all knowledge of course.

the first round started well and damarques was getting the better of things, but when it went to the ground in the closing two moments, Johnson spent an age in the guard doing nothing, and Nick was pretty much the same. In the closing few seconds they got to their feet and nearly both of them got knocked out.

In the second round was much slower, and when the fight went to the ground even with taking the back, Johnson couldnt finish. They both began to gas I think. Both tried submission attempts, but it was all a little half assed. A triangle that never got locked in from nick, and a Kimura which was abandoned from Johnson

In the final moment Damarques, the best US fighter got mount and took Nicks back. However, he failed to capitalized. Meanwhile Bisping started to complain that Damarques was targetting the back of the head and blagged the ref into a warning against Johnson

off they went into the third round and Nick took a beating big time, but never gave up. The pace was increadibly slow as both guys had gassed by now, and finally it went to the ground in the closing moments, where there was a constant struggle for positioning but no major action.

Predictably Damarques won by decision, but it didnt make him look very good. The first round was alright, but after that it was downhill for both fighters. I'm not the only one who believes that Damarques Johnson could have won with such a greater margine, there is a large consensus that Johnson had better have worked on his conditioning before the Finale if he hopes to make it big after the finale.
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