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Originally Posted by Boomer
SMEPER FI Kev!! Glad you are here and hope to see you posting some!! Keep us in the loop on your training and future fights!!!

Yep yep. Will do. Well, all i've done thus far is try to cut all the extra weight from chemo. I'm about 180 right now, and before chemo i was like 175-180, but i was a lot more solid. During chemo i went up to like 215 because of all the waterweight.

Yesterday me and the wife went to the beach, so i could fill 2 seabags up to hang as punching bags... im to cheap to pay for a heavy bag..

but i never guessed one regular seabag filled would weigh like over 400 lbs.... grrr... so i had to make due and take 2 1/2 filled ones, and condense them into one...

A heavy bag cost a couple hundred bucks... i made mine for 6 bucks for the bag, and 25 for enough chains to hang two! AND canvas wont chip, crack and tear like leather! plus mines wrapped in duct tape too.

I got some pics of me and joe, ill post em when i figure this forum thing out.
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