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Originally Posted by TexasRN
Travis Tooke's place is pretty good. I went there a couple of times. Depending on where you live you can also try Southeast Texas Tae Kwon Do which has an MMA program affiliated with American Top Team. They also have a Hapkido class that's pretty decent and incorporates Krav Maga, Judo, etc into it for street self defense. They even do weapon defense training. I haven't been to Elite MMA but I did meet the instructor of the kids' program and he was a pretty cool guy. Just go to each one, tell them you want a trial week or so and they'll let you train a few classes and see if you like it. Most will even give you a month at a very low price so there is no commitment but you get a good feel for the place and the mix of people. If you decide to head out to Travis' NOT park on the street. Last time I was there some lady smashed into all the cars on the street while those of us in the parking lot were safe. Evidently that had happened before too so don't chance it.

Hope that was helpful.

Thanks for the heads up on Tooke's place. I've got a co-worker of mine going to Elite and he seems to like it a lot. He got the unlimited package which includes the gym & he pays 112 a month, I think. I've heard nothing but good out of Tooke's place. There both about the same drive for me. I'd really like to train for a few months and give the Lone Star Beatdown a shot.
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