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Nobody does Ceremonial like England...not even the Vatican can match us

Her Majesty, The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace to travel to Saint Paul's Cathedral in London for her Jubilee Service, to the sound of Zadok The Priest, the Coronational Anthem in her Golden Coach

Her Majesty, The Queen arrives at Saint Paul's Cathedral for a Service of Thanks Giving, Along with The Lord Mayor of London who has his Mace and Pearly Sword on hand to greet her on the Steps

The Procession into the Cathedral Commences, this is a perfect example of Saint Paul's Cathedral at it very finest

Preachers Verger

Acolytes and Crucifer

Canterbury Cross


Deans Verger

Cathedral Registrar (Major General John Milne) and Cathedral Lawyer

Chaplian and Warden of the College of Minor Canons (acting as Master of Ceremonies)

(The Royals are bowed in by the proceeding part of the procession, Minus the Dioscian Lawyer who also takes a seat in the Quire before the Royals are bowed in. After which a new Verger leads the Lord Mayor infront of Chapter into the Quire (notice the Lord Mayor has just swapped places half way through the procession) Also, the Virger that leads Chapter into the Quire is NOT the Deans Virger, he leads the Dean to the two Extra Vergers appear for the bow in )

Lay Canon

Canon Treasurer and Canon Chancellor (acting as Canon in Residence)

Canon Precentor and Canon Theologia (the last Canon of that Title on Chapter)

The Dean of Saint Paul's

Diosician Lawyer (I think, but I'm not certian, he is the Mayors Beadle, I think he carries the mace, He had it when they arrived, but I cant see clearly if he is carrying it in the procession, I dont think he is)

Canons Virger


The Minor Canon and Sacrist (Acting as Bishops Chaplian)

Some kind of Military Guard

The Lord Mayor of London

Royal Wandsmen

Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinborough

Princess Ann and Prince Charles

Some left over royal assistants

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