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Originally Posted by Mac
That would be the destination!! I worked in a machine shop for a while when i was younger. We did the same kinda work , just new parts for bigger corporations . I built fender blocks for caterpillar 797 dump trucks and on certain days i get to turn out pieces for ac compressors on saturn cars on the cnc . Tell ya what pal , i dont think i envy you lol. I imagine your shop is alot nicer than this one though . At 6 oclock int he morning i would walk back to my mill and bandsaw stuck back int he corner , surrounded by rusty iron , the windows on the building were so dirty the sunlight wouldnt shine through . In the winter it was freezing because some of the windows were busted and the only heat in my part of the shop area was a little wood stove . I would start at 6 int he morning and get off at 5:30. They paid me 7 dollars an hour and charged the companies 50 dollars an hour for my labor. it was like working in a 3rd world country lol.

Finally had enough one day when a good buddy of mine had been killed ina bike wreck . I took the afternoon off to go to his funeral and the next morning the shop foreman tore into me because i went to the funeral . He didnt like getting grabbed by the shirt when i attempted to take him to the parking lot , smached his favorite coffee cup to try to get him to swing at me lol. I called it quits that day and am soooooo glad i did.

sounds like a few shops i've worked in, last shop before starting my own was a cement builing with no windows and an asphault roof. HOT in the summer!, but the worst was going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark without ever seeing the sun! Had a few "pariking lot" moments too. A guy put a penthouse picture over my daughters on MY toolbox. all he could say after he woke up from a decent belly to belly on concrete was "some Christian you are". Ended up leading him to the Lord a couple years later!

our current shop is actually pretty nice, tall ceilings, windows up high, still real clean and basically the shop I always wanted to work in

beautiful car by the way! gassers are the best
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