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Originally Posted by suntereo
had to re-register. I come here daily for all my mma news and to spy on your lives like the pathetic middle aged man I am.

for those that dont know me I'm

a huge Hughes fan - as a man and role model not just a fighter
a follower of Christ
a husband of 14 years
a father of 5
a small business owner (machine shop)
a youth / middle / highschool wrestling coach
a student of submission grappling
prior military, born and raised in Hawaii, living in rural Washington state... bla bla bla

ps. Nate and the mods have my fullest respect for a great site!

Welcome to the site , and thanks for the compliments.

Now , whats the adress to that machine shop ? I got a set of Big Block Chevy heads i want the full treatment given to , Hughes forum members get a discount right ?

Welcome aboard!
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