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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
NEOeugenics get it right
No, it was fully fledged Eugenics so I know that the only reason the United States won the war against Japan was by using the Technology developed by German Scientists who defected from Germany?

Imagine what would have happened if those Scientists had stayed loyal to the Adolf Hitler. He would have gained Nuclear technology...and then noone would have stopped him. They were pioneers in things like Eugenics and Munnitions...Ever heard of the Doodlebug Andreas?

See the Germans bombed England but didnt always do it using planes. They created a flying bomb, gave it enough fuel to clear the channel, and would run out of steam and pummet...on occasion Doodlebugs were not always effective...when I was in London for UFC85 and the English were clearing a stretch of land in the Docklands ahead of the Olympic Village...they found unexploded Doodlebug which had crashed into a river and failed to sat there waiting to go off for about 80 years

The froze the mechanism to get close to it...then did a controlled detonation...we watched it on TV in Boomers hotel room on the Greenwhich Peninsular...its why they had been late meeting me that morning, the trains on the Docklands Light Rail had been delayed due to the discovery of an ancient doodlebug....I remember when they were digging around Canary Wharf to build those big towers that have become the Finanical Capital of England...the found one aswell...

the worry is that they've built on land which may have covered an unexploded many more relics lie uncovered under or close to buildings that may one day unexpectedly go
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