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Dana must have stepped in regarding switching training times because the next thing we saw was the UK team going in for the morning session and Bisping saying something about the "high ups" overuling him.

I thought it was terrible when Bisping squirted his water in Damarques' face. I guess Bisping thought since he's a "coach" he could get away with **** like that. In my opinion, he's lucky Damarques' just threw his hat at him. You could tell he wanted to go after Bisping and I don't blame him. I guess Bisping doesn't think he should be acting in a manner (since he is the coach and the veteran so to speak) as to be an example to his team.

But, you know what, sometimes karma has a way of evening things out. I'm sure Johnson got some measure of enjoyment when Bisping's fighter didn't want to go back in for round 3.

I must say this batch of fighters, both American and UK, are quite baffling.
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