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There isnt much to say about this episode. Noone believed that Jason Pierce was telling the truth when he told his team that Dana had made the decision he couldnt fight against his will, perhaps because he was about as unethusiastic with them, as he was with Dana when asked directly if he actually wanted to fight. Mark Miller couldnt fight because the doctors wouldnt clear him with a broken nose, but Frank Lester was only to willing to take his place against Dave Faulkner

Dan Henderson requests that the teams swap training times, so that his team can fight in the afternoon and Bisping can coach in the morning, apparently it was a right given to him by the management. But Bisping flat out refuses to change times, and whilst Henderson stays quite calm, Bisping gets louder and more high pitched. he says "what do you want me to do, bend over and take it up the ass??" and after consulting his team, both teams and both coaches come to each other to argue their point. Bisping still doesnt want to swap times, and Damarques Johnson is not the happiest man on the US team with a few smart arse stage whispers. There is no conclusion, as Henderson considers the change made, and Bisping keeps announcing they will talk about it later. When its time for the fight announcement, the groups gather, and as Bisping walks past Damarques Johnson he decides to squirt him in the face completely by suprise with water from his bottle. Poor Johnson nearly drowns in suprise.

Naturally he's upset. Bisping makes some poor excuse like the fact Johnson supposedly made some kind of racist joke about ten episodes ago or something daft like that. The truth is, Bisping just doesnt like Johnson. He eventually makes a U-tern and appologises...but how bloody weak was that...part of me just wanted to see Johnson fire back and smack him in the face...I really dislike Bisping...this season has done nothing to endear him at all

Frank Lester, who I wasnt too impressed with before when he talked smack about knocking other peoples teeth out, and then had his own teeth knocked out, might just have validated himself though. He admits he was still banged up, he was hurting and unprepared, but he was ready to do his duty against a person hyped to be the best thing since sliced bread.

They went into the fight and it was one round a piece, the first round started out with a moments feelout followed by Faulkner who clinced but didnt manage to score the take down, they did some striking in which Faulkner came out the best and finally scored the take-down, but Lester was back to his feet very quickly, and the rest of the fight was in the clinch, Faulkner scoring better with knees, but Frank not faring bad on defence

The second round began again with a feel out moment, during which it was obvious Faulkner had gassed, his hands came down, and the dreaded mouthpiece came out. So they called a time out. So much for the hypnotherapy that Faulkner underwent to try and stop that from happening. If it was karma then the impact on Bisping must have seemed like pure justice from Johnsons point of view. Faulkner went on to lose the round because he was gassed, and by the end of it, so was lester.

However, Lester was prepared to do the third round and Faulkner was not. "im not going to go out there for the sake of being macho" he said. Bisping vertually begged, and I mean begged, but Faulkner had decided he didnt want to fight anymore. Apparently he enjoyed the fight, but simply had no desire to continue. Bisping couldnt understand and it enraged him, but not enough to actually scream at Faulkner after the fight.

It was hard not to be delighted for Lester, the kid doesnt stand a chance in winning the contract, but he's not afraid to do his duty, I hope when the smoke from the battle finally clears, someone will take notice in him, and give him a short go in the preimier leagues, he might not win...but he's not frightened to try even if it means going down in a blaze of glory, blood, guts...and teeth also.
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