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Originally Posted by Tyburn
we can forget about that after the wallstreet wobble.

Not to say I dont believe there is such thing as a NWO, and not to say I dont think it can use people as pawns....but I dont think the banks are behind it...they cant govern themselves, let alone control the world...not unless you want to say that they are in total control already...but if they were...then they must be dissapointed with the wallstreet wobble.

Suppose...for example, these bankers quite deliberately appeared to sabotage themselves with corruption in order to create a wave of Nationalized Banks? Think about it carefully...if you de-stabilize the American Economy enough, you can bank (pardon the pun) on the Governments trying to prevent meltdown...they do this by stepping in and running the the wobble didnt quite go far enough in the United States...Sure the Government secured funds for the banks...but they didnt step up, buy, and run them

In servere was that few days delay whilst the American public tried to ruin the rest of the worlds economy as well as their own...several large banks merged...and now ARE under Governmental control. I guess if you could get enough National Banks you could start to have a NWO influence...but...if something goes, the American Culture collapses because Bush refuses to pay the banks...OR the corruption is detected before Wallstreet starts to collapse...then you've just lost the whole western world to anarchy...and you'll never be able to establish a NWO in your life time....there have to be easier ways of world domination then using the banks

But in a way, it kinda is already working in a direction that could see something similar to that. Again, I'm not sure I see it happening to the extent that the movie says, but the setup is definitely there. Like I said, there is definitely and aura of paranoia that surrounds the film's premise, but the facts that are presented are pretty blunt and not as easily refuted as with other conspiracy theory films.
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