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Instead of going on a huge rant of why Bisping is an idiot, I will instead analyze what is wrong with this line of thought.

Who has Dan fought, compared to Bisping? Anderson Silva, Quentin Rampage Jackson, Wanderlei Silva (Twice), Kazuo Misaki (might've butchered his name there.), Vitor Belfort, Nog (twice), and plenty of others I'm sure that either hit hard or are just as good as Bisping, if not better.

And guess what? Not one of them, not even the great Anderson Silva, could knock Dan out. What makes Bisping think he can? He couldn't even knock Leben out; and we all know Leben's got a decent chin. But Hendo's chin isn't just made of iron like Leben's is. Dan's chin is made of steele or something just as tough.

So I will say it anyways. Like that Dan Hardy punk who keeps running his mouth about Davis, I really need to see Bisping get beaten down. I think he's going to realize very quickly as soon as the fight starts that Dan is the better fighter; always has been, always will be.

And to this day, I still hold to the belief that the two men at 185 who could possibly beat Anderson are Hendo, or Wanderlei. Is it a dumb belief? Maybe, but then again, who else is going to bring it to Anderson in a fight, instead of just trying to go to the ground or running away like Mr. Leites did?
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