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Originally Posted by NateR
Well, that's wrong as well. Of course it happens, but those people aren't asking to be "sanctified" by the state.
Unlike the fornicators, the gays wish to solidify their relationship and have it legally recognized as a mutually exclusive married relationship.

Originally Posted by NateR
The problem here is that somewhere along the line a few people have started to consider gay sex as normal and as healthy as hetero sex. I would disagree with that and most people who are against gay marriage would as well. It's a perversion of the natural use of the human body, there is nothing healthy or normal about it and the last thing we need to do is teach our children that it is acceptable behavior.
To those who feel that they were born gay, it is normal and healthy. I don't know any gay folks who "chose" to be gay.

Originally Posted by NateR
Since when?
Since the first time a non religious person was married.

Originally Posted by Miss Foxy
What are you trying to say? If your hinting around that I do that? WHO, WHAT, WHERE, AND HOW I do someone is none of your business. My children do not know my sexual business thank you very much!! As a matter of fact any gal with class would not bring that out in front of her children!
Just like WHO, WHAT, WHERE, AND HOW they do someone should be none of your business, but you make it yours. You have already alluded to your personal business on a public forum, so it is quite possible that people who you wish didn't know your business do.

Originally Posted by Mac
Ha ha ha , Buzzard supports homo rights. HA HA HA HA
Yep, sure do. Just as I would support your rights if I felt that they were being infringed on. I'm an equal opportunity advocate, even if I am not affected in it. If I feel you are being treated unjustly, I will come to your defense.

Originally Posted by Neezar
No, you are assuming that I meant to break up the relationship. What if we were all agreeable? Why shouldn't we be allowed to marry? It is our pursuit of happiness, right? What about the teacher and her 13 year old lover who wanted to get legally married? They both wanted it and didn't see it as morally wrong so why not?

I am showing you that your 'pursuit of happiness' argument doesn't hold water.
If you were all agreeable to share in a marriage, I say go for it. I am not being harmed by what you do behind closed doors and it should be no business of mine.

A thirteen year old person isn't legally allowed to make adult decisions. If the thirteen year old person is capable of showing the courts that he/she is {can't think of the word}, then it again is none of my business. In ancient times, people got married at ages younger than that. I believe it is written in the bible. I may be wrong, but I believe I have read about younger marriages in the bible.

My pursuit of happiness argument hold more water than your does in my opinion. Your results may differ.

Originally Posted by NateR
I'd be interested to know how "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" applies to gay marriage or marriage in general. Especially since homosexuality would have been considered a crime in the days of our Founding Fathers.
Couldn't that also be said for interracial marriages? Not to equate the civil right issue with the marriage issue except for the point of a denial of liberties that each side has encountered.

Originally Posted by NateR
Yeah, they should be happy with civil unions. To try to claim that this is somehow a Civil Rights issue on the same level as the segregation days from the 50s and 60s is really just a slap in the face to what African-Americans truly suffered through in those days.

If this is really about tax breaks and other benefits, then it just cements the notion that this is all for selfish, materialistic reasons. Love has nothing to do with it.
I don't know what reasons these people have. If marriage and a civil union had the exact same benefits, I could agree, since they don't, I don't agree.

I could give more examples, but you probably wouldn't understand the context. Not to be impolite in my reply, but I don't think I could phrase it in a way as to convey my meaning without raising the hackles of the forum. In this instance, I will keep quiet.

Thanks for taking the time all to reply to my posts. I do enjoy these discussions and respect your opinions on this issue, even if they differ from mine.
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