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Originally Posted by County Mike
Terrible fight. Both guys were awful.

I can understand the mouthpiece problem because I struggle with it myself sometimes. However, dude gassed out after one round of doing almost nothing. Both looked like total crap in the second round. When Faulkner refused to fight the 3rd round, despite not even being hurt, I lost what little respect I had left for him.

How do you go on a show, to be a fighter, when you can't finish 3 rounds of moderate work?

For next week, I really hope they don't split up the teams and make guys fight against teammates. If they do, what's the point in the whole USA vs UK thing anyway? The teams are even so it works out.

PS: Bisping's a crybaby.

I have the same issue with my mouth piece, some days I have no issues and other just biting down on it cause me to get ill.

The episode sucked and the guy didnt even give the third a go, he quit and was happy for it. What a loser.
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