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Miss Foxy
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Originally Posted by NateR
It was a black woman who complained that's the only reason they took it down. Dumb bitch needs to go back to Africa if she hates America so much.

And before anyone feigns offense at that comment, read the article. The woman who complained about the flag immigrated to the US from Africa 14 years ago. She should be grateful for the freedoms she receives here, not offended at the site of our flag. She can return to her country of origin whenever she wants if she's that unhappy here.
NO offense taken! Truth is the truth! No way to sugar coat it.I always get grief with my big mouth, because I would say the same thing Nate! Oh gosh has Jesse Jackson made a speech yet? Between him and Rosie O'Donnell they make me wanna flip out im talking 51/50!!!!!!!
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