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Originally Posted by Primadawn
I wouldn't have cared if they had reviewed that last play. Wouldn't have changed anything-wouldn't have been overturned.

And if you think the officiating was crap, it went both ways, friend. There was so much holding by the Cardinals that didn't get called--and then they got the safety on an absolute crap call...

Either way...STEELERS MAKE HISTORY!!! Wooohooo!
Of course you don't care if they review it, your team won...
The point is, it's the Super Bowl, do it anyway. That was a close call, even if it was a fumble. Although I am still in denial.

The safety was legit, and it was basically the only real break we got.

I will admit, some of the holding calls against AZ were legit, but teams hold all the time and it goes uncalled, Pittsburgh does it too, that is nothing. But the personal foul calls were a bit ridiculous. Also the roughing the passer call against AZ was bogus considering they did the same thing to Warner about 3 or 4 times. There was no question that the calls fell on the side of Pittsburgh tonight, and a lot of them were bogus. That's how it goes sometimes. I take nothing away from Pittsburgh for what they have accomplished, but of course I would have liked to see it turn out different.

Oh yeah, CONGRATS CHUCK...wherever you are!
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