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Originally Posted by Buzzard
How will you benefit now that CA has banned gay marriages? How do you feel about interracial marriages?

Boy, they sure showed them gays something, huh?
lol. How do you benefit from them allowing gay marriages?

Why does it matter if I benefit from them banning it? It's an issue I and apparently most people in California feel strongly about.

I have no issue what so ever with civil unions.

A marriage is between a man(of any color) and a woman(of any color).

I'm sorry if the people voted against you this time.

I don't really like your tone. It was actually very rude and it made me want to punch you square in your face. I figured I'd say something about it so it didn't fester and come out in an unrelated post. I apologize for those feelings but I personally believe you know full well you deserve them.
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