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Originally Posted by huan
Are you kidding me?
Have you read history when interracial marriages were illegal? Those were some bad times. I feel that eventually the same will happen when gay people will be allowed to marry, and people will look back on today and think that these times were bad in the fact that people were trying to make laws to deny gays the right to pursue "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Originally Posted by huan
There is no comparison between race and sex. Do you want to tell me there is no difference between a man and a woman?
No, which is why I didn't.

Originally Posted by huan
I'm so sick of hearing this race card argument because it sounds so persuasive yet couldn't be more false. Males and females are inherently different, their brains are different. These differences are significant. There are no inherent differences between races.
There are many biological differences between races. I believe that your statement is somewhat wrong. My comment wasn't to compare races and sexual orientation, but to compare the denials of marriage to both groups based upon social issues.

Some here think the government is too big when they try to take away rights that they have a self-interest in. Yet those same people are all for big government taking away or stifling the rights of citizens that don't live the lifestyle they wish them to.
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