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Originally Posted by Buzzard
How will you benefit now that CA has banned gay marriages?
It shows that the people are still in control of their own government. There might be a lot of people supporting gay marriage, but there are obviously a lot more against it.

Originally Posted by Buzzard
How do you feel about interracial marriages?
Seriously? I'm disappointed in you. I actually believed you were smarter than this. It's irrelevant, the two issues are completely unrelated.

Obviously the blacks in California can understand the difference between race (something you are born into) and sexual preference (something you choose), because they were the deciding factor for passing the gay marriage ban in California.

Why don't you ask Obama and Biden about how they feel about interracial marriage? Because last I checked they both opposed gay marriage as well.

Originally Posted by Buzzard
Boy, they sure showed them gays something, huh?
We showed them that America is still a Democracy and they're views are still in the minority. That's all that matters.
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