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Well, I didn't think they were AS awful as some of the others we've seen so far, but that's not saying much.

At least Frank was willing to get in there again after having fought only two days before. Could you believe the absolute gall of that Pierce giving Frank advice during his training session. They should have sent that guy packing! I thought Dan or Frank should have gone over and knocked him out or at the very least told him to shut up. Unbelievable!

I couldn't believe it either when Faulkner didn't want to fight anymore. I had to do a doubletake at first 'cause I wasn't sure I had heard right, what he was saying to Bisping. You could practically see the steam coming out of Bisping's ears. And then, when they were back in the UK room and Faulkner kept saying, "but, I had a good time." , I thought for sure Bisping was going to either implode or explode.

I thought the last few TUFs were bad, but this is just beyond the pale. I know, I know, "what does that say about me" 'cause I keep watching it. I guess I keep hoping to see something resembling mixed martial arts.
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