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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
I know Karo is not the most loveable guy around espcially on these boards. Anyone have the scoop on why he looked like crap in that fight? I know he needs to invest in a good mouth piece. I was wondering that i've heard he was sick goin into the fight or do u think having a 'panic attack' was on the back of his mind?
Also, ya guys think its a good mature move on his part to join G.Jacksons camp?
I know alot of ppl thought he lost that fight,but I'm thinking he did barely enough to win that fight(lost 1st rd,won 2nd,and barely won 3rd.)
Btw what was up with the ref in that fight they were huggin eachother practically the whole 3rd round and he never seperated them at all???
He definitely needs to invest in a mouthpiece made especially for him (like Rogan was saying) especially at this level of fighting--don't you think?

I agree with your call of him losing Rd 1, win 2nd, but to me the 3rd could have gone to either of them. I'm thinking it should have gone to the other guy, Dong.

When I saw that particular ref, I told my husband, "Oh, no, it's that awful ref from "Fight for the Troops" night except that night he kept telling the guys to "come on guys, work, work" when they WERE working. He was really getting on my nerves that night. Maybe someone "talked" to him and now he's gone to the other extreme.
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