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Originally Posted by NateR
I don't think we need spoiler warnings at all, but maybe we should just keep the thread titles generic for the first 12 hours. For instance, a thread would be titled "UFC 98: Rampage vs. Machida" not "OMG!!! Is Rampage dead??!??!"

There would be no spoiler "grace period" for Matt's fights though. The instant the results of one of his fights is known, then you can post whatever you want in thread titles. For those who can't watch Matt's fights live and plan to watch a rebroadcast later on, then they should just stay off Matt's site until then.

I stayed up all night to watch Matt fight, i then had to up 2 hours later to watch my Football team in a Cup final!

Therefore i have no sympathy for those who miss the live event!!!!!!!!!!!
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