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Originally Posted by que
americans invented the bomb, we should be the first ones to expect others to experiment with this power as well. it is only human nature. countries have been toying with the bomb since it was invented and will keep toying with the bomb until the human race is extinct. it's like pringles, once you pop, you can't stop.
Not exactly. Europeans developed Nuclear bombs. Those Europeans were actually German if I remember rightly, Germans who defected to the Allied forces half way through the war.

If they had not have done that, Nazi Germany would have come into natural posession of it.

Americans are the only Country who have used it in warfare though, it did have the backing of the Allied Forces, so it wasnt a unilateral move or anything.

These Countries I think are of two kinds, those who want the technology to use it, like Iran...and those who want to have the technology for status and to make ransom demands. Thats where Korea comes in. I doubt they would use the bomb, even on the South...but with the technology they can ask how what the west will give them to appease them.
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