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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
That is true, but America is the only country to ever actually use the bomb, and that alone puts us in a unique position. We understand how devastating nuclear weapons can be, and we can't allow nutjob dictators like Kim Jong Ill to posses them.
I think Japan has a pretty good idea of their destructive capabilities too.

But I do agree with you.

People seem to forget the circumstances that surrounded the creation of the Atom Bomb. There was this little thing called World War 2 going on at the time. Nothing major, it just took the lives of about a billion people across the planet.

Also, military leaders were estimating over a million US casualties just getting a foothold on the Japanese mainland. Who knows how many more to hold that ground and advance towards Tokyo? The A-bombs were necessary to put an end to that war.

We were definitely justified in what we did and we are justified in forbidding nations, with no concept of freedom or respect for human rights, from experimenting with that same technology.

Anyways, this whole thing just proves how pointless and stupid the UN really is. Sometimes I wish America WAS this tyrannical, imperialist nation that the liberal idiots claim we are. Someone needs to destroy the worthless UN and show some actual leadership in this world.
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