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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
GSP didn't do anything i didn't think he would against Penn, except for the action on top. GSP takes anyone down but last time he just laid there against Penn. i'd like to know how the ref can warn GSP 3 times for shots to the back of the head and not do anything? what's worse is, he said he'd stand them up, no point deduction.

this is what the Lesnar fans were talking about when we said it was a BS stand up. where is the line drawn, 2 warnings? 3 warnings? and what's the deal with telling them you'll stand them up? what happened to point deduction? thank you UFC for once again showing there are no real set of rules.
I'm pretty sure Herb did tell him that if it happened one more time he would deduct a point.

I agree with Mike in that I don't think it was deliberate on GSP's part; I think he was trying to hit him in the side of the head, but, like Mike said it's hard missing the back when they are moving their heads like that.

I do agree with you, Goat, on the Mir/Lesnar fight. Lesnar WOULD have won that fight if Mazi hadn't stood them up like that and didn't he also deduct a point from Lesnar(?).
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