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There seems to be some confusion at the opening of the episode as to whether Jason Pierce has Staph or not. He claims he wants to fight, but complains about the pain. If its Staph then its catching so he cant fight, but the coaches are talking as if they dont believe its staph and that its just a painful situation that pierce wont overcome. The Team are very frustrated with Pierce for two reasons. The coaches are upset because of his negativity. He just isnt a ray of sunshine. But being a pessamist isnt a crime. The rest of the fighters are disconcerted with the fact that he likes to hang around with the Britons more then them. Defranco raves on about how Jason Pierce wont even respond unless you call his name in a distinctly British Accent.

Meanwhile, Dave Faulkner is not enjoying having to wear a gumshield. Now, how can this be an issue for someone with a long record anyway? But Bisping and Faulkner will get frustrated at each other that Dave cant keep his mouthguard in place.

Now for Mr Jason Dent, It has to be said that I'm quite a supporter of his, and I still am after this episode. I think that there are a few fighters on the show who dont seem to understand an awful lot about psychology. One of them would appear to be Dan Henderson, the other one would appear to be Demarques Johnson Both of whom shed light on the personality traits of Jason Dent, but both who also seem to have no idea how to put tthose thing together. It is obvious that Dent is not comfortable in large groups, he probably feels social anxiety in such situations, he also appears to be an introvert. Please dont assume that means he's a quite and unassuming individual. Introversion is about where we draw our energy from, Dent draws it from himself, this means like a Battery he must spend time issolated in order to recharge, he cant feed of the energy of his Team mates, or house mates. This is not a fact that any ammount of training will change. Its also not exactly Jasons fault, something that Demarques should be made to recognize before he insultingly says that Dent is wasting a social opportunity. I imagaine that Demarques is quite the Extrovert. Thus perhaps we should put him for two months in complete issolation and ask him how he feels at regular intervals, without people around him to feed off, he will probably not be quite as happy. These guys need to understand that personality traits arent something to make light fun of. Social anxiety is not funny Mr Johnson!

From Dan Henderson, we also get the fact that Jason Dent is probably a "J" on the myres-Briggs. He has his own way of doing things, does not like change, probably likes structure. Its a shame that Henderson doesnt realize that he can probably aid Jason by feeding him structure and routine that slowly the guy can accept as his own. Any Sports Coach should have basic training in psychology.

Having said that, I didnt think much of Jason in his fight with Lawson. I think that Lawson was extremely unlucky to have ended up being choked out when it was evident that he was winning the fight. He's interesting on the feet, and fun to watch on the ground, his fight included a slam to boot, and he got mount briefly in the first round. He's a funny guy, the comedian, so its not suprising when a group of them start messing around in Professional Wrestling costumes, he is one of them. However, I suspect he has a softer side. He admits that he didnt mind winning or losing, but wanted the money to take his family on Holiday. "Physically i'm nothing to look at, im a ginger for heaven sake" hahahahahaha BEST LINE OF ANY TUF EVER!

Dana White assess Jason Pierce who is cleared to fight, but with hesitation in his voice about being motivated, Dana White decides to pull the plug on him. Probably for the best.
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