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Default Obama and Military Academies

I've been watching and reading the news and recently Annapolis and Westpoint have had their graduations. I was glad to hear that Obama attended Annapolis, because after 4 tough years there you are deserving of a speech from your commander in chief.

But one thing that rubbed my Mom and I the wrong way was he didn't attend Westpoint's graduation. Shoot not even the Vice President attended, I think it was either the Secratary of State or Defense. And you know what our President was doing? Attending Camp David with his wife. It's tradition that either the President or Vice President attends these graduations, and not having either one go, for a lack of a better word sucks. These Westpoint grads are gauranteed at least 1 trip to Afghanistan too, and I think it would have semi boosted their morale to hear from their commander in chief.
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