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Hey folks, I'm Chris, 30 (soon-to-be 31), and I presently reside in Indiana. However, I was born in Illinois and spent all of my life there until the age of 18. Since then I think that my forwarding addresses have started to get close to equaling my age - ha ha. I've spent some time in Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and now Indiana and of course, Illinois.

I studied physical education (kinesiology) at Illinois State University and ended up going back for a master's in the same area. Presently, I'm at Ball State University working on a second master's in biomechanics, specifically. Kinesiology is an "umbrella" term for "movement science" and a more specialized field like biomechanics would fall under the umbrella as a sub-discipline if anyone is curious.

In and around school, I've spent the past 11+ years coaching competitive gymnastics. While not a gymnast myself, I got interested and learned the sport. That's sort of how my interest grew in biomechanics - I needed to better understand how to apply physics to the human body. While I have the knowledge in how to teach flips and such, my interest has shifted more towards training and understanding functional anatomy and how the muscles and nervous system interact. So, basically, I spend A LOT of time studying strength and conditioning aspects and trying to develop a sound philosophy of how to train for optimal performance.

I watched my first UFC event way back in 1997 - UFC 9 on video. I thought the sport was brutal and barbaric. Little guys vs. Big guys. No rules. So, I never watched it again. Then, in 2005, I was away at a competition hanging out in the hotel bar with some fellow coaches and there were some UFC fights on the Best Damn Sports Show. They caught my interest at that moment, but after that I really didn't pay anymore attention. Then, in early 2006, I was flipping through channels and caught them on Spike and just started watching from that point on. I really love the strategy of the fights. I don't like watching two people hurt each other. I enjoy watching striker v. grappler...who's going to neutralize whom? What are the gameplans?

I really got interested in Matt Hughes when the hype began for the Royce Gracie fight. Prior to that, I really had no clue who Matt Hughes was. Once I found out that he was from Illinois, I was an instant fan. Then, I went on the internet and found this site and saw pictures and video from the mission trip. It was truly Matt's humble demeanor that won me over. Despite all he's accomplished and/or has, he remains a regular guy who can still put in an honest day's work. That's what I respect most.

I lurked the forums for quite a while and finally joined the night of the GSP loss (1st fight). Like many, I was crushed. So, I joined and sent my well wishes like so many others that night.

I first met a few folks at UFC 77 last fall and then met many more at the grand opening of the HIT Squad. I can say nothing but good things about everyone that I've met thus far. Everyone is so embracing and it's just like being with around people that you've known for years even if you've just met them.

Well, that's me.
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