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Originally Posted by medic92
That's an interesting contradiction Mac. If you roll your truck over and it catches fire, won't you just sit there and say "if it's my time then it's my time" and wait to see if it's your time? After all, if it's your time no crawling to get out of the truck is going to stop His decision either.

No , your missing the point , and its not a contradiction. I might die of a heart attack right here sitting in this chair . Does that mean i should have a set of paddles plugged in to try and thump myself back ? no dont think so .

I once had a lady in about a 78 ford ltd cut me off one day and slam on her brakes . I was in a ****box 94 ford ranger runnin about 40 , no seat belt and i rear ended her. I bent the steering wheel backwards when my chest hit it , the steering wheel itself was about 3 inches BEHIND the horn button in the center lol . blew the windshield out when my head smacked it . And i walked out of it without so much as a scratch. Not even a bruise.

My mom had an old caddy once , she had taken my sister and one of her friends to town to go shopping once , when they got to the mall they could not get my sisters friends seat belt undone . Finally had to drive to the dealership and they cut it for her . Piss on that , no thanks , big brother can keep his meddling little hands out of my life.
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