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Originally Posted by Black Mamba
Anyone on here watch it?

I honestly do not know what to say about it. In ways I'm shocked and other ways I'm not. I remember on New Years Eve, they had an Engaged and Underaged marriage bowl, where 4 couples got married. One couple in particular I would say shouldn't even have gotten married. She's not working, quit going to school to be with her now hubbie, and thinks everything is going to be alright. What can you really offer someone like that? Nothing. Love can only take you so far. That bliss on your wedding day will only last so long too.

I just don't get why this generation feels the need to rush things. I know more people married and having kids then do trying to better their life. Getting married at 18, 19, having kids at that age (or younger), really does complicate things. And the even sadder part, most of those marriages will end in divorce.

Personally, this show just proves to me that the path I'm on is the right one.
I think it's right for some people and bad for some. The longest marriages I know of were young. My wife and I got married two months after I turned 19. She was 21 and we have been married almost 10 now. I would be interested to see if people are marrying earlier or later now.
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