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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
GSP is a great fighter, i've always liked him and just because i picked BJ doesn't mean otherwise. i said he would be tough to pick against but i did and picked the guy i like more.

with that said, it wasn't until last night's fight that i started wondering what GSP is on. that body and endurance is highly questionable. his body is so well developed, his stabilizer muscles have muscles. and the fact that someone so muscular (FOR HIS SIZE) is able to go non-stop makes me question if he's on something.

Alves is definitely on something so this will be a good least until GSP gets him down.

Oh lord and so it starts, first we had grease gate now steroids or HGH? Behave he is a true athlete that dedicates his entire life to this pick any true sport and you will find the same example. Cycling had Armstrong or Indurain, Basketball Jordan, Football/soccer Gerrard/Ronaldo (particularly in their case ripped and yet cover 10/12 miles in 90 minutes all in shuttle sprints) look at all these athletes who look sculpted rather than human form, yet go longer and harder than their competitors. It is what makes them great in their field. Sure people like you will always make the same misguided bitter statements but time and again you will be proved wrong.

Sorry but to me you like you read something on the internet believed it to be true so just went ahead and typed it up as your own opinion.
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