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Originally Posted by County Mike
Yeah, Dana had it pegged. Dude obviously didn't want to fight. He knows what he's going into the office for and he hangs his head, wears his hoodie up like he's freezing to death and whines about his sorry situation. Good riddance.

I still wonder what criteria they use when picking each season's cast members. Each season I think half the guys picked wouldn't cut it in my own gym, let alone the UFC. They really need to work on a better way to pick contestants. Whoever picked the British team seemed to put more effort into finding people who can actually fight.

In past seasons, it didn't bother me as much but now that the guys are supposed to be representing the USA, I'm really disappointed in the selections.

couldnt agree more i sit their watching some of the guys they pick thinking i would fancy myself against them and god knows there are some top level undiscoverd fighters out there
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