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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
Normally Joe Rogan is a great announcer, the best in my opinion. Bas and Mir often pick favorites, but Joe normally stays neutral, until last night.

I feel that he was favoriting BJ the entire fight, even when GSP was domination him.

I don't have any exact quotes but I remember them being something like this:

"Man, BJ's takedown defense is just top notch, he is has such great balance it's almost impossible to take him dow... ok GSP just got the take down."

"Ok now we'll see BJ's flexibility come into play as he attempts to get back into guard. Alright, now watch BJ's foot, it's amazing, he'll try and put it.... ok BJ eating some elbows here. But watch Penn as he slides his... Ok GSP raining down some fists..."

At one point GSP was in half guard, he postured up and hit BJ with a huge right, and inadvertently fell into full guard and Joe's exact quote was:

"Wow, you can really see how this sport has evolved, people cheer when BJ returned to guard."

No Joe, they were cheering BJ getting his face smashed.
He was so preoccupied with BJ's amazing guard that he missed GSP's haymaker.

Just something I noticed that bothered me a little bit.
Anyone else?
I thought he was hugging Baby Jays sack a little myself.. but everyone favors someone..

On an unrelated note: I also noticed Clay Guida, while in his corner between rounds, turning his head and burping... like a big one... after each round. What is that all about? How does fighting make you burp?
Too much water..Swallowing when you breat.... Ask Big Timmy!!!! I laughed my head off when he did that in the Randy fight.. "Brrrrrruuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrraaaaaaaap!... What round is it?"
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