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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
That's really no surprise that Germans didn't respond positive to the movie. The German Government was not going to permit Cruise to shoot the movie because he is a Scientologist:
Coz being a Scientologist is worse then being a Nazi

What you guys dont seem to understand is that in Germany they are still VERY cautious of Nationalism. Why would they get excited about seeing a group of Americans enact a failed Coup in an Administration which they would rather forget?? Its like asking whether Japan would go crazy over a film about the Atomic Bombing of two of their major cities....Its just upsetting to a lot of them...for a German, watching the film probably feels like a Student who has to read Meine Kampf for school or something...its dirty just to watch or read...

The Germans that didnt respond to him well, were the offspring of Colonel Claus Von Stauffenburg...and they were commenting on his forceful portrayal of one of their family members

I saw Valkyrie a few days ago...I'll post my write up in the Movie Section, because it contains spoilers...not that anyone who knows the history will be suprised at the plot

Now the two who played Olbrecht and Beck...THEY were good to watch
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