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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
My point was the OVERALL fatality rates have hovered in the same area, for a LONG time and that is what my first link shows. People are still getting in car crashes and dying with seat-belts on or not. The people providing the statistics are also the same people pushing Click it or Ticket, that was another part of my point.

The point is that the law is in place to generate revenue and not to save lives. They merely say that they are trying to save lives, but if that were the case they could go about enforcing the law in different ways rather than petty tickets that people pay by mail and go on with their lives.
I understood your point. And I agree that if safety was the first concern then their efforts could be better used elsewhere.

But as far as saving lives, they say that in the areas where they are enforcing the seat belt laws that more people are wearing their belts thus they are saving more lives. They say it's working. But as you pointed out, it is the same people who are pushing Click it or Ticket. I would like to see the actual data of fatalities and see the percent wearing/not wearing their seat belt. I think only about half (52%) of the fatalities weren't wearing a seat belt. And I saw were something said that a seat belt would have saved 65% of those people. I have a hard time buying that because how could you really know? Unless, of course the victim was thrown from the car. In the case of being thrown, I see no argument. Clearly a seat belt would benefit in that case. However, I was surprised to see that only 52% of fatalities didn't have a seat belt on! I was really expecting a higher number. (note: I got the 52% from an article and not from statistics - couldn't find them.) I think the seat belt prevents more injuries than it does saving lives. I think if you crash bad enough you will die regardless of a belt.

I will go on record and say that anyone in my vehicle will wear the belt or find another ride. Sorry, I feel that strongly about it. However, I can't see me or the government telling you (adults only here) not to wear your seat belt in your own car.

Random stuff sorta-related here:

When we work a MVA trauma we only ask if the person was wearing a seat belt to look for 'seat belt caused' trauma (i.e. look for trauma where the selt belt was at shoulder, abdomen, hip etc.).

Seat belt in pregnant women are very important. It can be very dangerous. If you can't keep that belt across the hips and not sliding up then it could be a bad day.

Also, in a trauma if the person was ejected from the vehicle then that automatically upgrades it to a LEVEL 1. You expect the worst. And just Not wearing a seat belt isn't considered in the priority.
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