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Originally Posted by Neezar
You can't go by that info. You have no way to factor in other information like how much driver population increased in relation to fatalities. And you don't know how many were wearing a seat belt.

This is from the SAME people
My point was the OVERALL fatality rates have hovered in the same area, for a LONG time and that is what my first link shows. People are still getting in car crashes and dying with seat-belts on or not. The people providing the statistics are also the same people pushing Click it or Ticket, that was another part of my point.

They don't factor in a LOT of things, which in my opinion makes it too hard to gauge. They tout that 2008 has the lowest rate in years, but they don't mention that many people were not driving as much when gas was $4 a gallon. I am not denying that seat-belts can save a life or serious injury, not at all. The point is that the law is in place to generate revenue and not to save lives. They merely say that they are trying to save lives, but if that were the case they could go about enforcing the law in different ways rather than petty tickets that people pay by mail and go on with their lives.

Like Mac said, he only puts his on when cops are around. If they really felt that the belts were absolutely needed, wouldn't they crack down hard, all the time, maybe suspend people's license? In the, end I think it's a personal choice, but I am glad that the topic has sparked such a good discussion. We can go back to critiquing Obama now,
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