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I saw the minivan coming to!

I think that's why I got so hurt. I tensed up like crazy ( as one would when you see a freakin' minivan coming up behind you at 50 ) and I just hurt all over, the seat had no head rest so my head whipped back and broke out the back window...the hair clip I was wearing ended up in the street behind the truck I was driving..I still get a second of panic if i look in the rear view mirror at a stop light Stitches and phsyical therepy was what I got

It was many years ago and I can still see that bitch coming

Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake

Yikes, rear-end accidents are no-fun. I got rear-ended by a semi while sitting a red-light once. He wast going that fast but I kept seeing him get closer in the mirror and right before he hit us I knew it was gonna happen. That sucked, but we were fine. We were in a big ol' Cadillac.
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