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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Some of you are being ridicalous in your vendetta against BJ Penn.

You talk about him like his a chump and a coward but he fought with ann awesome athelete and was beaten, beaten hard.

He couldn't fight no more, he had nothing left because Georges had pummelled him but i believe BJ would of continued to take that punishment until he was out.

I think to say he quit, is twisting it hugely. Its like saying to a fighter who got knocked out, his a quiter. the fact is BJ had nothing left to fight, he was beat, he didnt quit whilst having more to give. I didnt see him tap when put into a bad posistion.

That being said i dont think badly of GSP for when he did tap from strikes, it doesnt bother me but look as you are all testimony to BJ has this thrown back at him, perhaps with some justification but i think some have taken it too seriously.

People are saying this is what he deserves for running his mouth, to me it was far from constant, he made odd, sporadic comments and ultimately spoke of respect. So i think its harsh to paint BJ as a Tito, Serra character.

Sure, make him eat his words but to be literally ramming it back down with such emotion to me i find to strong
well jonlion he said GSP was a pussy for tapping 2 strikes and he would never do that,,
to tell you the truth he wanted to quit after the 2nd round and after the fourth round when his brother kept on asking if he wanted to go on he didn't say anything,,if he really wanted to go out for the 5th round he would have said so but he didn't because he wanted to quit,,he knew if he went back out he was going to get the crap really kicked out of him so he said nothing when his brother asked him repeatedly if he wanted to quit,,he knew if he said nothing and just kept hanging onto the fence with his head down his brother would have the fight stopped and no one could say he quit,but when the ref said the fight was stopped after the 4th round you didn't see BJ complaining about,,he just sat down on his stool and kept his mouth shut.

thats why we are hard on him.
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