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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
the percentage of seatbelts being the reason for worse injuries are low compared to no seatbelt being worn ... i believe that it is the same thing as speed limits and helmets being worn ... they should all be mandatory and strictly enforced .. being in canada with universal health care, i think the goverment should also make it mandatory for people riding bicycles to wear helmets ... it is good practice .. and since the costs of dealing with these injuries comes out of the tax dollars set aside for it, then the gov't would be well in their rights to tell you you have to wear them ...

in the US it is a different story ...
But you are Commonwealth. You dont belong to the American Culture anymore then I do. Infact...our Cultures should be the same. I hope you dont take offense at this, but my general view of Canadians is "British with an American Accent" where as my general view of Americans is "Something altogether different"
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