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Originally Posted by Crisco
Government is just a neccesery evil to an American. We have it because we know it needs to exist but we will fight like hell to keep it out of everything we can.

Our cultures are very different that is why you get different asnwers.

As an American I bow to no one but God. We have no king or queen and we have no need of big brother cameras on every street corner.

Our government has very few jobs that they need to do and even those they screw up on the regular. So we like to keep them out of as many things as possible.
see we dont think like that...half of the British wouldnt bow to ANYTHING...not even GOD...thats sad I suppose...I actually noticed in the speaker martin thread that I posted the statement read out by Oliver Cromwell after the Civil War...and when he accused and closed parliament...he spoke JUST like an American, in terms of his emphasis on Moral leadership being part of the Government. let me go copy and paste and I'll highlight in bold what I mean...and you'll see in 300 years how quickly GOD has dissapeared.
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